Alexander Ebert ft. RZA ~ Truth (Demo Remix) ((Single/Living Ma'athematics))

Let's continue on the vibe of 2012 Truth (20) and Love (12), this week the "Truth" chamber.
A demo version of a song done with Edward Sharpe ~ RZA

20. Truth Square ~ The Truth is Right & Exact as a Square Angle of 90 degrees. There is no deviation of it. If one is standing on a square of Truth, they can't be knocked down because standing on and within  the square allows you to be the square itself ~ which is a Stable Foundation.

Cambatta ~ Feeling Me (Video)

Cambatta takes the smooth approach on a beautifully flipped version of the same sample Jay used for “Feelin it”. The video was shot and edited by Cambatta himself. Smoke and Mirrors Coming soon!!! 

Mr. Green "Live from the Streets" with Thomas at the 3 Block (Part 2) featuring Action Bronson (Video)

"In this episode of Live from the Streets (3 Block, part 2) , first we caught up
with Action Bronson outside S.O.B.'s in NYC. He was taking a smoke break
after making a bunch of Latka's at Peter Rosenberg (from hot 97)'s Hanukkah
party but was cool enough to hook us up with a drop. After that we
headed back to Philly to finish with Thomas at the 3 Block. This time
his words were a little darker but still encouraging and inspiring.

Thank you for watching,
-Mr. Green"

Etta James (T.R.O.Y.)

Rest In Peace Etta James...
1*25*1938 ~ 1*20*2012

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