Shing Shing Regime ~ Todopoderoso (Video)

This is the newest single from a series of releases from the "Almighty Shing Shing Regime's" collaborative effort with producer Double Profit (@x2profit). This video was shot and directed by cinematographer/creative designer Skip James of (@tenplusonenyc). Look out for the soon to be classic "Everlasting Waves Mix-Tape" coming soon! Follow the regime on twitter (@shingshing7). This video is dedicated to the GOD's C-Latiff and Dr. J (RIP). Further, this serves as a musical reminder to STOP THE VIOLENCE in our communities throughout the world (T-DOT to Chicago and everywhere else, in the words of Marcus Garvey BE COOL!) PEACE.

Shabazz Palaces ~ Shapes And Movements 1 (Video)

Download the Track HERE

OITNC (Organizing is the New Cool) Trailer

Organizing is the New Cool explores the origin of The FTP Movement and how
they mobilize against social injustice and oppression. Viewers will be taken on a journey through the life of concerned citizens who want for their people what they want for themselves: Food, Clothing, Shelter and Justice For All! Organizers, community activists, freedom fighters and artists come together to speak on society's challenges with the focus on finding practical solutions. This documentary encourages the viewers to obtain self-leadership and empowerment to make radicalchanges within their environment. Coming Soon!!!

Supreme Sol x Handbook ~ Measured Intelligence (Video)

The official music video for the track Measured Intelligence from the 
Higher Manifestation Ep by Supreme Sol & Handbook.

39 Years Ago Today... (#HipHop/Reflectionz)

Hapi BornDay Hip-Hop!

Beginning of a Worldwide Billion dollar enterprise
CLASSIC Material

John Graham ~ Magic: Blanc et Noir ((Album))

Magic: Blanc et Noir is the final album to be released by John Graham. It is the summation of a musical journey that has lasted for light years. The reasoning behind the creation of this album and the artwork included in the digital booklet will lead you to discover the true meaning of balance. 

This album documents some of the most personal thoughts and situations of John's life. It is a journey and exploration through the duality of this life. Themes such as love & hate, good and evil, truth and falsehood, beauty and ugliness, darkness and light, right and wrong are all covered in this piece of timeless art. 

John Graham ~ Speak Love [Prod By Rayvon Red Dah Producah] (Video)

When Faced With Hatred, Speak Love!
Speak Love depicts the realities of the dual nature of man. Facing extreme hatred in the face of love is the focal point of this emotionally gripping song by John Graham. 

When asked about the motivation for this song he states, "Facing heavy scrutiny for decisions i made and people I chose to work with, it seemed that hatred and judgement were coming at me from all angles. This song was the only way for me to make it through that period with my sanity."

The journey for truth and love is a constant yet elusive to many. If you find that you've run out of words to convey your feelings then this song will encourage you to simply "Speak Love"

Ka ~ Born King N.Y. (Video)

"Born King N.Y." from the Grief Pedigree album. Video directed and edited by Ka.
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