Khalid Salaam Ft. Boog Brown ~ Plenty Of Fish ((Stream)) (@clutchprodux)

Khalid Salaam drops “Plenty of fish” from the new “Barehand Fisherman” album. The song was produced by himself and features Detroit’s own, Boog Brown, whom you may be familiar with from her Mello Music debut “Brown Study” album produced entirely by Apollo Brown, as well as her other phenomenal projects to follow. This was a beautiful pairing of tones and clever wording in which both compliment the other in the manner that opposites should.

Styles P ~ Change ((Stream)) (@therealstylesp)

Lead single off Styles P’s upcoming album titled “S.P. the GOAT (Ghost Of All Time)” dropping May 3rd.

Rio Thomas x Papppa ~ Jazz Juxtapose ((Album Stream)) (@RioThomas93)

Peace from Papppa and I. This is our first "Official" release! Papppa is a beat maker from the Netherlands, and I "Rio Thomas" (as you should know by now) am a lyricist from the Virgin Islands. Pappa and I have been making music for about four or five years now, and I think that this is by far our best work. The Luxurious sounds of "Jazz Juxtapose" are for an acquired taste. Jazz Juxtapose consists of melodic metaphors and pensive double-entendres delivered at an often progressive yet smooth pace. These bars are accompanied by Papppa's Jazzy melodies that contain a contemporary flare. Papppa's ethereal arrangements are surrounded by thick bass lines, designed to prepare you for the often emotional, yet stern impact of the soulful lyrics. The sound being provided to you is what we consider "classic" and durable enough to withstand the test of time. With that being said, take your time and enjoy this project. Peace,Love, and blessings to you all. 
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