KMT(IC) Slim Presents: The God MC ~ Rakim Allah ((Mixtape))

The 18th Meets The 3rd... 
( ( (The God MC ~ Rakim Allah) ) ) 

My name iz Rakim Allah and R & A stands for Ra
Switch it around ~ it still comes out R
So easily will eYe E M C E E
My repitition of wordz iz Check out my Melody
Some Bass and Treble iz moist, scratchin' and cuttin' a voice
And when itz mine thatz when the rhyme iz alwayz choice
eYe would'na came and said my name and run da same weak s*!t
Puttin' blurz and slurz and wordz that don't fit 
in a Rhyme, whY waste time on da microphone
eYe take this more Sirius than just a poem
Rock from party 2 party, backyard 2 yard
Now tear it uP y'all and Bless da mic 4 the Godz

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The 18th Meets The 3rd
1. Ra…Kim the R Intro
2. It’s Been A Long Time
3. Flow Forever
4. Walk These Streets
5. Paid in Full(Coldcut Rmx)
6. In the Ghetto
7. Waiting for the World to End
8. Mystery (Who is God)
9. Holy are You
10. When I B on the Mic
11. Microphone Fiend
12. Classic(Better than I’ve Ever Been)
13. Don’t Sweat the Technique
14. I Ain’t No Joke
15. Show me Love
16. Mahogany,I’m Glad You’re Mine/ Al Green
17. Coltrane Style
18. I Know You Got Soul
19. Let the Rhythm Hit Em’
20. Guess Who’s Back
21. My Melody
22. Juice (Know the Ledge)
23. Follow the Leader
24. The 18th Letter (Always and Forever)
25. Move the Crowd
26. 7 By Nature,Mind Raised in Asia

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