Kalik Scientific ~ Esotericism (Video)

Support the God Kalik Scientific HERE

Villa Rosa ~ Food Ft. Dodi Phy (Video)

Don't do it 2 yourself!!

Lana Del Rey ~ "Born To Die (Kyle Rapps & Diwon Remix)

Media darling Lana Del Rey undergoes a facelift to her exalted album titled single "Born To Die," by the emcee/producer duo of Kyle Rapps and Diwon.   Originally consisting of haunting string quartets and weighty percussion, Diwon's production overhaul adds a sampled violin progression coupled with a "golden era" influenced drum track.  Lyrically, Rapps takes a walk on the wild side with verses that detail both his drive towards success while confronting a past checkered by substance abuse.  "Rap was criminal music before it got pretentious, son I'm not a profit, I just like to drop a gem inside a sentence."

Kuntry Noiz ~ Peaceland (Tribute to Nujabes)

1st single off the 2012 EP from Kuntry Noiz "Cultural Exchange Vol 1" (A tribute to Nujabes)

Dom O Briggs ~ EyeLuvMuseik (Video)

Dom O Briggs release visuals for "EyeLuvMuseik" 
off of his latest EP "Always Insprie(d)"

Wes Pendleton ~ Nebulous

Basically this project is my way of sharing some inner turmoil I went through with balancing how I do my music, with the expectations of folks who support, and the realization that I am now marketed to a totally different base altogether.  I started off like a bolt of lightning, and then felt like I ran into some obstacles which caused some frustration and confusion.  So the outlook began looking hazy, and I wasn’t sure if I could really see where this was going, hence the title name “Nebulous”.  So this little nugget is basically my way of working some things out.

Falside ~ "First Kill" (Video)

Intro track off of the forthcoming, Free Shabazz 2
Directed by Nicolas Heller

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz...(Reflectionz/T.R.O.Y.) *2*

Hapi BornDay Malcolm X!!
5*19*1925 ~ 2*21*1965

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