Khrysis ~ Merry Khrysmas ((Instrumentals)) (@KHRYSIS)

Surprise! New beats from Khrysis for Christmas. Enjoy.

Cobrakai Beats, JAY Z & The Isley Brothers ~ Blue Isley ((Mixtape))

Cobrakai Beats has been working hard. On top of dropping 2 beat tapes in recent weeks, he closes out the year with his “Blue Isley” project. “Blue Isley” consists of popular and rare Jay-Z accapellas blended with Isley Brothers sampled beats produced by Cobrakai Beats. I listened to this project last week and was very impressed with how well these sounds blended. The lyrics give you a sense of nostalgia but the beats and blends make it feel brand new. Enjoy.
Stream/Download below

Yamin Semali ft. Sa-Roc ~ Hotter (@YAMINallday)

Senior Dues: Yen Dollar Music Vol. 2 ((Mixtape)) out Now 

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