Statik Selektah "Play The Game" ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Freddie Gibbs (Video)

KMT(IC) Slim Presents: The God MC ~ Rakim Allah ((Mixtape))

The 18th Meets The 3rd... 
( ( (The God MC ~ Rakim Allah) ) ) 

My name iz Rakim Allah and R & A stands for Ra
Switch it around ~ it still comes out R
So easily will eYe E M C E E
My repitition of wordz iz Check out my Melody
Some Bass and Treble iz moist, scratchin' and cuttin' a voice
And when itz mine thatz when the rhyme iz alwayz choice
eYe would'na came and said my name and run da same weak s*!t
Puttin' blurz and slurz and wordz that don't fit 
in a Rhyme, whY waste time on da microphone
eYe take this more Sirius than just a poem
Rock from party 2 party, backyard 2 yard
Now tear it uP y'all and Bless da mic 4 the Godz

Righteous ~ Right ~ Ruler (Reflectionz)

Right iz the Proper Nature of Things & People

A Ruler iz the Measure of All Things
A Ruler has KnowLedge to 8uild so that Right and eXactness iz Born into the U*N*I*verse

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