RaSt*R x KMT(IC) NTR ~ Journey Of Ra ((Mixtape)) (@twincitylegacy @KMTicSlim)

1~*~9 Premiere!!!

We are proud to bring the world the new 1~*~9 project, Journey Of Ra
RaSt*R (FKA J.Bones) makes his KnowLedge 1~*~9 Born and shows how far he has come in this illusion of T.I.M.E. and Space... 
A true Self Saviour with the ability to SET self Free!
The Journey is far from over tho. RaSt*R has a lot more to bring to the U*N*I*verse very soon.
Stay N Tune...

Stream/Preview below b.u.t. be sure and get the FULL Free Mixtape... DOWNLOAD 
EnLightenUp, in~*~joy, ELEVATE
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