Urban X Podcast 057: Mario Lopez, Trump vs Baltimore, Kamala Harris vs.Tulsi (Video Build) (@Urbanx_nyc @TheBlackDot_) #UrbanXcellence #UrbanXNation

Malcom and the Black Dot ARE BACK to break down the latest news in the Urban community. This week they discuss Mario Lopez's comments regarding transgender children, Trump's comments on Baltimore, and the latest round of Democratic debates.

Th3rd 3y3 Th3rsday 30 (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor) #MightIsRight #ArtOfBlackWarfare #N2Deep2

Young Thug ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott ~ The London (Video) (@youngthug)

Free Nationals ft. Mac Miller & Kali Uchis ~ Time (Video) (@freenationalsXX)

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