Red Pillar Ft. Cambatta ~ #MADE4THIS (Video) (@El_Philthmoor)


Ekundayo & Spittzwell ~ True & Living (@ekundayo x @thebeatgods)

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Ekundayo & Spittzwell ~ Life Or Death (@ekundayo x @thebeatgods)

“Life or Death” is the second release from “Magnificent Brilliance”. The upcoming collaborative project by Ekundayo the Mountenliun and Spittzwell. On this excursion sheer brutality is displayed in sound and word. The production is hard and straight to the point, the lyrics match its raw intensity. Life or Death, the choice is yours. Choose life.

Fetty Wap Sex Tape with Alexis Skyy (Build) @HipHopAstrology

The Night Before the first Full Moon of the year- Fetty Wap & Alexis Skyy sex tape was leaked. 

First off one has to find the irony in the name Skyy during a Full Moon. 

A simple zodiac search will render the Moon is at home in the Zodiac sign of Cancer which just so happens to the place of the this Full Moon and the zodiac sign of Alexis Skyy. 

Is God clever enough to tell us something? 

Are we clever enough to grasp the divine message?

Professor Griff ~ Barack Obama Farewell Speech & Future of America (Build) ((#BLACKMAGIK363))

Killah Priest ~ Carbon Light (@killahpriest)

This will be on that Digital Dynasty 44 hosted 
by Big Tray Deee.

J. Cole ~ High For Hours ((Stream)) (@JColeNC)

The only real revolution happens right inside of you...1~*~9

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