Ee'da ~ "Stimulate" (Video)

Shot around the beautiful city of Chicago
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The Decoders ~ I Am the Black Gold of the Sun

Wax Poetics shares an exclusive free download of the Decoders' cover of the Rotary Connection joint, "I Am the Black Gold of the Sun," which was produced by the great Charles Stepney. The track features Loren Oden and Brooke De Rosa.
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Riding on the heels of their first single off of Vol. 2 (Walk On By) with its orchestral soul arrangements, the second single from Vol. 2, Rotary Connection's "I Am the Black Gold of the Sun," is an ode to the beautifully epic orchestral arrangements of producer Charles Stepney.
But this time, the Decoders have decided to venture into the Brazilian repertoire, incorporating Samba and Jazz elements into the group's psychedelic soul arrangement.  

K. Banger ~ Eastern Renaissance feat. Third Eye & Triple Beam

This track is from the album Stillborn Lives and is available for purchase on CD Baby here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kbanger

Atlantis Build ~ "Why is most asked by the 85"

This Build is about 'Colloquialisms'; Informal language, phrases, terms and jargon used by People that are specific to an Industry, Religion or Culture. In this Build I'm speaking on the Cultural phrases, "Why is most asked by the 85" and "Why is most asked by the Ignorant" that we use in our Nation (The Nation of Gods and Earths). I also elaborate on the importance of Actual Facts versus Beliefs, Feelings and Opinions and the difference between asking Why in comparison to What, Where, How, When and Who!
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