D▲rɹK ☥ M▲ŧTΞR ~ Perfect Imperfections ((instruMentals))

Loops of phases and feeling. Just Embracing the Changes. 
Cover Art // Angel Pham

Captain Murphy ~ Duality


IY∆S∆ ~ flesh​.​masque ((InstruMental))

part of a series of hip hop instrumentals to be released on www.wysf.bandcamp.com  

CLEAR BLUE ~ BEATS & TURNUPS VOL. 1 ( (InstruMentals) )

Suggestion For Use: 

- bang it in ya whip 

- zone out to it on a walk around the city 

- impromptu freestyle sessions 

- when you need a dose of that real shit 

4th Assassin Ft. Godilla & Faez One ~ The Game

New track from Godilla and Faez One produced by 4th Assassin.

Illnaughty ~ Melodic Chamber ft. Killah Priest

Produced by - DJ Illnaughty

Supreme Sol ~ Song Of September (Prod. By ill Sugi)

New Supreme Sol Off Pragmatic Theory - Summer In The City *With Rhymes* (2012)

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