KTL Radio presents THE SECRET COZMOLOGICAL DESTINY of U.S. ft Ra Akhu (BlogTalkRadio) (@RaAKHU @KTLRadio)

Join KTL Radio tonite as they take a COZMOLOGICAL look at the 4th of July. What inherent connection do we have to this celebratory, festive day? 

Is there more to the RED, WHITE & BLUE than we know? And, can we afford to antogonistically dismiss it's relevance?

We are honored and priviledged to be joined by our resident COZMOKRAT Ra Akhu The Cozmophyzixian as he interprets a story being told from afar, a story being told in the stars.

Is there a SECRET Cozmological Destiny for the U.S.? And what role do the roughly 44 million people who reside in these borders have to play in it?

There is much to be learned and reems of information to be discussed tonight, so tune in and bring your pad & pen because class is definitely in session!


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Wise Intelligent ~ ROBBERS, BARONS & BANKERS (Video) (@wiseintelligent)

Robbers, Barons, and Bankers is the second visual from Wise Intelligent's "El Negro Guerrero" (Back 2 School: 3rd Period).

Rhymefest ~ 4th Of July (Video) (@RHYMEFEST)

“As we celebrate America’s 238th birthday, we would like to honor the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives everyday,” -Rhymefest

Jean Grae ~ That’s Not How You Do That: An Instructional Album For Adults ((Album)) (@JeanGreasy)

Why don't you know how to operate in the world? What's wrong with you? This album with 11 songs, will tackle such issues as "No One Cares About Your Phone Conversation," "Keep To The Right, Dammit" and "A Handle Means Pull" PLUS MUCH MORE! Play it for people. We have to do better.
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