MELANIN MONDAY 133 feat RED PILLAR (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

Big Sean ft. Nipsey Hussle ~ Deep Reverence ((Stream)) (@BigSean #Detroit2 #RIPNIP)

Cambatta ~ Kovid 24 ((Stream)) (@Cambattamusic)

According to the medical science of optometry 20/20 Is a measurement that refers to your visual acuity, which is the clarity or sharpness of your vision. Synchronistically since 2020 started the entire world's perception of reality has been forever changed. So far, we are amidst what has been arguably the most paradigm shifting and devastating year experienced by modern man. Starting with the death of one of the greatest basketball players of all time Kobe Bryant along with his young daughter Gianna. This terribly unfortunate loss preceded the spread of a worldwide Kovid/Korona Pandemic panic of biblical portions only to be followed by the political anarchy and riots of the George Floyd death.
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