Ken Brisbon "FORTUNE FAVORS REALLY BOLD PEOPLE" (Video Build) (@No_Game_4_Free #graceandfavor)

Josephine Baker was one of the most amazing people that ever lived. She should be celebrated more, because she is the reason modern women are doing what they're doing. Fortune favors bold people..

Brady Watt's 'Bass & Bars' Episode 15 ft. B-Real (Video) (@Nyceonthebass x @B_Real)

DirtyDiggs ~ Asteroid Dust ((Album Stream)) (@DIRTDIGGS)

Art by Noy One. with special guest appearances by AA Rashid, Planet Asia, Big Twins, Tristate, Sauce Heist, El Camino, Rigz, Flashius Clayton, QThree, Skunkz, and Killer Ben

Blue Pill ~ The Old Gods vs The New Gods: The Changing Paradigm of Perception (Video Build) (@blackmagik363 @bluepillar44)

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