TUFF TALK TUESDAY EP 28 FEAT BLUE PILL X KEN BRISBON (Video Build) (@KtlUniversity @No_Game_4_Free @bluepillar44) #graceandfavor


DJ Kevlar ~ The ReMixTapes Vol. 4 #Sade ((Mixtape)) (@djkevlar)

Nelson EL ~ New Era of Time (Video) (@iamnelsonel)

Nu video from Nelson El

Bob Marley - LEGACY: Women Rising (Episode 2)

LEGACY: A year-long audio and visual odyssey, featuring 12 newly crafted stories exploring Bob Marley’s impact today. The series will also include Marley Sessions with live covers by today’s artists, and the Visual Legend with 14 all new music videos.

KMT(ic) Slim ~ 2020 1st qtr ((1~*~9 Mixtape)) (@KMTicSlim)

#KnowLedgeBorn #SavioURself 


MELANIN MONDAY 113 feat RED PILL* QUANTUM SUPREMACY 2020 * (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

Billy Carson ~ Global Reset: A New Matrix Is Forming (Video Build) (@blackmagik363)

Conway The Machine x The Alchemist ~ LULU ((Album Stream)) (@WHOISCONWAY x @Alchemist) #Griselda

RaStar ~ EyE~N~Eye ((Stream)) (@rastarlegacy @twincitylegacy)


How To Magnetize Drinking Water PART 2 (Video Build)

This video will teach how to use a pair of magnets under a cup or bottle to magnetize drinking water or DDW water(pyramid water) Magnetize water for your plants, pets, elderly, and bath water! Magnetized water has been found to PREVENT BEDSORES. Soak in a tub of magnetized water.Use a pair of ceramic magnets inside your tub. Place at base of tub, directly under the facet on bottom of tub. As the tub fills, the magnets will magnetize the water.

Knxwledge. ~ Makeitliveforever (@Knxwledge)

"makeitliveforever" from the album 1988

MF DOOM x Konducta Beats ~ HIP HOP DOOMINATION (REMIXES) ((Stream))

Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the Legacy of 'Return to the 36 Chambers’ Mini-Doc (Video) #OlDirtyBastard #AsonUnique #WuTangClan #WuTang

Amazon Music celebrates the 25th anniversary of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s landmark debut solo album with "Unique: 'Return to The 36 Chambers' 25 Years Later". Released March 28th, 1995 this documentary traces ODB’s rise from unsigned hype to household name, exploring key moments in the rapper’s life and the music that defined his debut solo record – from ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ to ‘Brooklyn Zoo.’

Rio Thomas ~ Lo​-​Life EP (Prod. _loprofile) ((Stream)) (@RioThomas93)

"A fresh body of work by _loprofile and I. I'm really proud of this project. It's refreshing and different, true, and honest. It's gotta dirty, yet clean feel and I love it. I hope ya'll enjoy. Peace and Love." ~ Rio Thomas


How To Supercharge Drinking Water Part 1 (Video Build)

This is a powerful ancient technique of activating the mystical healing qualities of water. Many have found this simple process highly successful in revitalizing and balancing the immune system AGAINST ALL FORMS OF TOXIC RADIATION. EXCELLENT FOR EVERYONE, especially children, pets, plants, and elderly. Use only DISTILLED WATER OR REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER. Regular tap water or bottled water, spring water is too dirty.


B.o.B Breaks Silence on Flat Earth & Cloning 2020 | The BoBCast Episode 6 [Part 1] (Video Build) (@bobatl)

BoB & the BoBCast crew dive into alot of interesting topics w guest Brother Panic. B.o.B finally talks about the Flat Earth, CoViD-19, Cloning, Mind Control, the Mandela Effect and more... Don't miss this episode of the BoBCast to hear about all this & more...

Conway the Machine x The Alchemist Ft. Schoolboy Q ~ Shoot Sideways ((Stream)) (@WHOISCONWAY #Griselda @Alchemist)

Phil The Agony x DirtyDiggs ~ Steady Strains Sampler ((EP)) (@PhilTheAgony x @DIRTDIGGS)

Strong Arm Steady's, PHIL THE AGONY, is back after a short hiatus with the impeccable "Steady Strains Sampler" EP fully produced by DirtyDiggs, with a very special guest feature from DEFARI. Get a full dose of these rare LA strains with the RARE INSTRUMENTALS.

Joyner Lucas ~ Will (ADHD) (Video) (@JoynerLucas)


TH3RD 3Y3 TH3RSDAY MARCH MADNESS (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

In Tonight's Episode Red Pill delves into the Fear Based Programming sweeping thru the Globe as a result of the CoronaVirus & Economic Meltdown, NBA NHL NCAA Season Cancellations & Postponed..as discussed, SOLUTIONS and ANSWERS as well as upcoming Thursday Online class THE EVOLUTION WILL BE DIGITIZED (CLICK FOR TICKETS)


Talib Kweli & Rapsody Talk Rap Influences, Being Pro Black, Kendrick, Jay Z, Eve | People's Party (Video Build) (@TalibKweli @rapsody)

In this episode of People's Party, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with rapper and writer Rapsody. This introspective interview highlights the huge contribution this talented lyricist has made in bringing the B-Girl back to the forefront of the culture. They discuss her growing up in the tiny town of Snowhill, NC; she speaks on being largely inspired to rap from growing up listening to MC Lyte and Lauryn Hill; and she shares the profound life advice she received from Ms. Hill. Rapsody also defines why being pro-black doesn't translate to being anti-white.

staHHr ~ CELESTIAL (Video) (@stahhr)

Nu video for staHHr's Celestial

Brady Watt's Bass & Bars Episode 37 ft. Jeru The Damaja (Video) (@Nyceonthebass x @Jeruthedamaja)

MidaZ The BEAST ~ Where The Sidewalk Ends ((Album)) (@MidaZ)

This brand new offering finds MidaZ at his most ummm 'MidaZ'. Teaming with producer Delle Digga for his uncanny digging prowess and sampling mastery, MidaZ builds upon the energy of "LOOPSTWO" to create not songs this time around, but "Moments".


Mr. G. Explains His Connection With Dr. Sebi, Herbal Medicine, His New Book + More (Video) (@breakfastclubam)

M1 of Dead Prez ~ It's Meant To Be (Video) (@M1deadprez)

REASON ft. Boogie & Ab-Soul ~ Trapped In (Video) #TDE (@reasonTDE)

“The video is about getting caught up in the system, of a cycle we create for ourselves,”  ~ Reason 

Professor Griff speaks on the Bernie Sanders and Public Enemy Controversy (Video Build) (@blackmagik363)

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