Honors English ~ State of the Art + Visuals Pt. 1 of 3

Honors English & Needlz Presents: State of the Art (Album) + Visuals
This is Part 1 of 3.

Pep Love ~ Hip Hop My Friend (Video)

Hieroglyphics member Pep Love pens an open letter to the Culture we Love
 on his latest single “Hip Hop, My Friend”
Perfect track to Add onto the Instant Classic 1~*~9 S.H.E. Mixtape 

SWV ~ "Cosign" (Video)

Sisters With Voices...
Itz da S double~U V

The nu video for SWV's hit song "Co-Sign" from the album I Miss Us

Rich Unique presents:Unique Heat 2: True And Living. Hosted by Kasim Allah aka Mr.7 ((Mixtape))

Lee Bannon Ft. Del The Funky Homosapien, S.O.L. & YU ~ PG&E ((Single))

‘Fantastic Plastic’ Out Feb. 28th.

Nas ~ I Can In My City [Dave Wrangler Remix] (Re~Style)

Inspectah Deck ~ Show 'N Prove (Power Of God) ((Classic))

The Older Godz Put Me On...

The power of God's in you, show n prove
(Yeah, this is the power)
The power of God's in you, show n prove
(True power, showin' and provin')
The power of God's in you, show n prove
True, the time has come through
Chosen few, must show and prove

I once asked God to forgive for my sins
Bent on my knees pleadin' to be Heavenly cleansed
Said the Holy Ghost changed the ways and actions of men
When I stood, I felt the same as if I just walked in

I was twelve at the time, held nines, held mines
A frail mind, criminal thoughts well-designed
Then the Older Gods put me on, on how to rock this
Maintain, 360, Lord and live prosperous

His jewel was priceless, keep the cipher righteous
Bare in mind, God, some of your own won't like this
I'm mentally scarred, recooperatin' from abrasure
Fooled by interpretations made from a traitor

It's in my nature, I was taught, that's the first law
Obtain the food, clothin' and the shelter that I search for
The fire in my eyes is hot as Earth's core
What hurts more, the fact that we still dirt poor

In hard times force crimes out of honest man
And most fiend to see the so-called promised land
Sun of Man, knowledge, wisdom and understand
That it's time to take matters in our own hands 1~*~9

The FATHER... (Reflectionz/T.R.O.Y.)

Greatest Story Never Told...
2*22*1928 ~ 6*13*1969
Clarence 13X

Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar) ~ "Lookin' Up" (Video)

From the album Prometheus Brown and Bambu Walk Into A Bar
Available HERE

Download the Maxi-Single (contains remixes by 6Fingers and Generation ILL): HERE

Stalley ~ “Midnight Satori” ((Single))

The Songs by Me, Stalley series continues... Stalley teams up with Block Beattaz for “Midnight Satori.” Stalley’s new project, Savage Journey to The American Dream, is coming soon (we won’t get a release date ’til @Stalley  gets 50k twitter followers).
( ( (Midnight Satori) ) ) 

Rashid Hadee ~ Something Special (Video)

The 3rd visual single by Rashid Hadee, taken from his highly anticipated album 
Aural Sex: The Search For Pinky Tuscadero.


If music is your escape, then this song is for you. 
Thanks so much for listening! ~Shay
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