DJ Premier ft Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra ~ Regeneration (Video)

Cappadonna ~ Put God First feat. Solomon Childs & Inspectah Deck ( (Audio) )


Shing Shing Regime ~ Queen of the Last Monarchy ((Audio))

Thinking EyE can Save HER ~ Self the Only SaviOur...

Hell iz brought about when Love iz put in disorder to bring about Wisdom KnowLedge
Neva put the 2 before the 1 Sun...

yoU know Relationships ~ yoU be goin' thru that Love Hell or Right ...

yoU can only blame yourSelf

SA-ROC "Valley Of The Queen" (Video)

Ether Warz coming soon!!

KinG Queen KinG (Reflectionz)

Her ReFINEment was BeaUtiful, eYe KnowLedged her Attraction...

Queen iz the Female factor of all Life, known as Substance

KMT(IC) Slim Presents: Iron MCeeS ( (Mixtapes) )

God*Isis ~ A Dope MC iz A Dope MC...
Free Download >Here< 
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