KMT(IC) Slim's 1~*~9...Self SaviOur ((Mixtape))

With The Ability to SET mySELF Free... 
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Sirius Times ~ Everybody Gotta Story...Make KnowLedge Born to Save Self....
Salute to all the Self SaviOurs 1~*~9 and Everyone making the Change they wanna Cee in the World!!

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1. Knowledge Born Intro
2. Another Chance @ Life- Wise intelligent
3. U...The Creator of All This
4. See The Joy- RZA
5. Fetus (Belly Button Window)- NaS
6. Little Ghetto Boy- Donny Hathaway
7. Lil' Ghetto Boys- Dead Prez
8. Lil' Ghetto Boy- Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
9. Little Ghetto Boys- Wu-Tang Clan
10. Everybody Gotta Story...
12. Inner Me (Hru vs Set)- Kidz In The Hall
13. 8uild Strong- RZA
14. Wu-REVOLution
15. Wu-REVOLution (ASAR mix)
16. Mystery (Who is God!?!)- Rakim
17. Holy Are You- Rakim
19. GEB (Physical Realm)
20. 5 Elements- Dead Prez
21. It's in the Mind (cMix)- Dead Prez
22. The Birth- RZA
23. Mirror, Mirror- Smooth B
24. Born***9***Again- RZA
25. Make Knowledge Born to Save Self
26. Show N Prove- Inspectah Deck
27. Self SaviOur... Knowledge Born (www.atlantisschool.blogspot.com)
28. Cousins-RZA


Peep the 1~*~9 Video Mix (tracks 18 & 19)

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