Missin' da Message Tryin' 2 Hold On 2 da Messenger...

eYe Had 2 hit the Rock Bottom Like Stalagmites
2 RE~emerge from the Ashes as a Vegan ~PURE LIGHT
A constant Battle between HIGHER & lower
The Quickening
Gotta pump my brakes, Move Slower ~ STAHHR

Trans.N.Dance (Trancendence) 

Nu World Water... (Do The Science)

H2O... Used to have Minerals and Zinc in it (Nu World Water)             Now they say it got Lead and Stink in it (Nu World Water)
Fluorocarbons and Monoxide
Got the Fish lQQkin cockEyEd ~ Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey

AOGI Alkaline Water Sports Cup

AOGI Alkaline Water Sports Cup - $59.99

Click for more information
The AOGI (A*lkaline O*n T*he G*o I*onizer) is a portable water dispenser that converts regular water into alkaline and ionized water that anyone can drink anywhere, anytime. The AOGI uses 13 types of minerals in its filter including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Maifanshi stone. These have been scientifically combined to give the optimal effect to the source water. Get yours here

 Whatz Da Science!?!
Alkaline water is water with a pH (potential hydrogen) value greater than 7. The pH scale ranges from

eYe N eYe Contact (Reflectionz)

EyE Cee God In U...

Itz ya EyE Contact that be gettin' me aroused
When U show me ya Mind, it make me wanna show U mines
REflecting my Light when it Shines, just takin' our T.I.M.E.
Before the night's through, we could get physical too
eYe ain't tryin' to say eYe don't wanna ?*c*, cuz eYe do
But for me 2, makin' Love iz just as much Mental ~*~
eYe like 2 know wha eYe'm gettin' N2 ~Dead Prez
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