Mad B ~ Sound Of A Golden State ((Album))

Funky DL ~ Jazzmatic Volume 1 & 2 (Funky DL Remixes Nas) (@funkydlhiphop)

Just imagine if this happened and picture the setting… 

It’s the late 1930’s and the local jazz club is packed to the brim with people awaiting the rapper Nas and his jazz musicians (orchestrated by Producer Funky DL) along with featured artists to come and play a 10-track set to forever be remembered. The lights are dim and the hall is filled with smoke, whilst the clinking sound of champagne flutes ambiently gesture in the atmosphere. Nas and Funky DL are having their picture taken outside the club in an array of spotlights glaring from their vehicles (see artwork). Then it happens… The two step inside and “JAZZMATIC” erupts … All you have to do now is… “press play”... 

Clypto ~ CLYRTIS (A Beat Tape) ((InstruMentals)) (@ClyptoBeatz)

Clypto's Rendition of Curtis Mayfield's Classic Album "Curtis"


Red Pill speaks on Aretha Franklin Passing Away and The Absence of Love and Soul in Today's Music (VideoBuild) (@blackmagik363)

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