Hip Hop Beat Making Lab in the Congo: A 3-Minute Story

Congolese rappers and producers collaborate with grassroots non-profits and beat-making professors: everyone wins.


In July of 2012 producer/DJ Apple Juice Kid and professor/emcee Pierce Freelon built a music studio, called a BEAT MAKING LAB, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For two weeks Congolese students learned how to make beats and record songs in the Lab, which remains at a community center in Goma called Yole!Africa for sustainable, community use.

Congo Beat Making Lab was established in collaboration with Yole!Africa during SKIFF 2012 (Saleem Kivu International Film Festival) with special help from Petna Ndaliko and Cherie Rivers Ndaliko. It was made possible through support from the Music Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Mark Katz, John Powell, Institute for the Arts and Humanities Innovation Fund, Yole!Africa, Center for Global Initiatives, and from crowd-sourced donations.

16 incredible Congolese students ultimately made this Beat Making Lab possible. Their dedication, passion and collaboration over 2 weeks of instruction resulted in amazing works that will be presented over the coming months.

Directed by:
Saleem Rashemwala (www.kidethnic.com)

Music by:
Beat Making Lab Congo (www.beatmakinglab.com)
Apple Juice Kid (www.applejuicekid.com)

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