SA-ROC: "FLAWLESS" (original woman) Produced by: SOL MESSIAH ((Audio/Lyrics))

‎"FLAWLESS"(the original woman)
My mommy told me that I was a shining star. A bright light sort of a beacon amidst the dark. She stood me in front of mirrors and made me look at myself. Not at what they said I was but what I truly are. I couldn’t see the beauty I just saw a jagged scar. A high yellow short nappy headed flower wall. I meant to say wallflower pardon the slip of the tongue. bearin
g your soul has never been a gift of the young. So I remained alien. Never inside the margins. Navigating treacherous roads without a compass. It’s hard for ghetto children to survive the world conscious their fairy tales is filled with poisonous apples and monsters. we shrank so we wouldn’t be the next set of targets. That’s how a diamond dulls after starting flawless. Absolutely flawless.

As innocence fades, we bitterly age. Our days of youth are sentimentally praised to soothe our memories of abuse. We came thru the barrage our skins a little harder, our pride was wounded, our hearts totally guarded. My generation x became the living martyrs. Dodging- bullets and police department sergeants. the same time we claiming our sovereignty from the fraudulent. Do we get rich with blindfolds or see us clearly starving? Sometimes our souls get lost up in the bargain. Can’t you see the problem? but every soldier that’s still fighting for freedom inspires yet another child to keep believing. That heroes exist with black skin and full lips and dreams can be reality if we can just persist. Through all things the strong can prevail if we learn as we grow to just resist.

The roads clearer now, the way is nearer now. I see the beauty looking back inside the mirror now. Her light shines without shame and her naps strong. Her small frame a powerhouse born a warrior. We black diamonds, never stopped shining. just so used to suffering we stopped even trying. As cycles shift and dark clouds are lifting, we ride through the storm shields up, no slipping. We are wiser now. Stakes are higher now. knowledge leads to wisdom understanding locks the cipher down. then we free our culture, refine our power base, level the playing field, peep the god inside our face. Destroy our weakness build the nation from a higher place. born again as shining stars beaming from a lighter space. and that’s 

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