Mr. Green "Live from the Streets" Shanghai (Video)

"For this episode we wanted to do something
completely different so I used a bunch of footage that
I shot using two cheap handheld cameras while i was in
Shanghai earlier this year. First, I chopped up the sounds I
got from a construction site near Taikang Lu . Next, I added
some audio I recorded of the Chinese army marching by
on Huaihai Lu. After that I put in the sound of a little bird
chirping. Then, I put in a short clip of some music I got off
of a karaoke bicycle (which is something you can find very
often in Shanghai). Next, since it wouldn't be a Mr. Green
beat without some hard hitting drums and a baseline, I
threw those in there. Finally, I recorded the sound of
a pirate who was encouraging me to chug my beer
in front of the Shelter (which is probably the
dopest venue I've ever performed at) and
scratched him into the beat.

-Mr. Green

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