staHHr ~ Digital Daggers ACapella (Shot by Nick Burnz)

staHHr spits an a capella of her lyrics from "Digital Daggers" on Sha Stimuli's and the Dynamite Bruhz "The Present".


Im surrounded by narcissistic rap fanatics
Time to recycle cause the earth dont do plastic
I keep it organic strike a pose like yoga
Vinyasa flow build with masters like Yida
I don't give one iota of f@cks i keep it tucked
16 years deep still got the Midas touch
Goose with the golden eggs tina turner legs
Sister sledge hammer the track
Invincible it's a fact
Decimating the fiction, vaping em with the diction
Standing on shoulders of jugganots, mound builders
Verb slayers, adjective and noun killers
All i spit burners, lady pink with the m-i
Ending rap careers head on collision with a semi
In my zone, scepter,.throne
Don't even drink milk, why would i cry spilling it?
What more can i say? Top Billing it-killing it"

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