Kalik Scientific ~ BeLOVEd

Download the first track and preorder the new EP BeLoved by Kalik Scientific

Proceeds from this track contribute to the radio platform Be Loved as well as the healing practice that it promotes.

Excuse me sweetheart/ yea, I know I speak art/ Your vibration called me wait I need to restart......Pardon love this aint a script that i'm reading from/ Natures my book I turn the page when the season comes/ Tsunamis coming we dont need to run make love through it on the highest of waves until the reaper cums/ I need the moon I know you need the Sun/ when the students ready then the teacher comes/ i see and now we're here/ no need for flesh we can breathe with no lungs/ inhale etheric sound that's powerfully clear/ let's start a revolution/ inside your womb forget the problems we're the resolution/ let's be the answer/ beat the cancer leaving deaths pollution/ our unity is beautifully the devils execution/ take a moment am I coming to strong/ Numerology tell me is my number too long/ I'm here to be your number 1 not you're number 2 song/ that's on replay/ our loves soundtrack we call 3 way/ got the creator on the line just to give our thanks/ we climb the kundalini ladder up forbidden ranks/ then we took our wealth from out the central banks and placed it in our heart with a hidden angst/ tell me is my wisdom frank/ swimming in an ocean of love/ sailed through rivers like the motion of blood/ but take it easy overdosing's a flood/ I love the smile of yours/ i love your style it's pure/ i see you smiling more/ walk a thousand miles or more to join you on the island shore/ Making love's the best strategy during times of war/ that's balance of it/ just keep your chalice covered/ I'll fill your glass with the fluids from the clouds above it/ sipping tears from the sky/ the years that go by/ get washed in the memories/ our love is eternal/ we waited centuries just to touch when it's fertile/ lust for your herbals/ your blush is a thermal/ quickly rushed to the circle/ but still on my square about it/ If it's not about love then we don't care about it/ so just imagine it won't throw no money on you/ I'll shave some cinnamon sticks and throw some honey on you/ occultly played it smart/ consulted natal charts/ we made our mark upon the ancients arts/ my sacred heart/ chlorophyll inside a wine glass is our favorite liquor/ bees kept our secrets spoke to flowers in a masons whisper/ taking pictures in our DNA to save in scriptures/ patience delivers/ well...lets step inside this portal together/ we gave our wings up so we can be mortal together/ and just a day with you is more like forever/ our spirits mesmerized/ and this is it this ain't a dream or an exercise/ and finding you is such a pleasant surprise/ my gaze measuring the depth in your eyes/ to see our destiny rise/ send a swarm to protect our beehive/ and so I wrote this in a past life so you would recognize/ the face of a legend/ each day is a blessing/ when you face my direction/ this an ancient connection

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