Aleon Craft & George Clinton - "Places To Fly"

Aleon Craft & George Clinton - "Places To Fly" by SMKA
off Aleon Craft & George Clinton -Mothership: The Decatur Connection

This is the first time George Clinton (of Parliament Funkadelic) has linked up with a hip-hop artist for a complete, new project. George Clinton recorded to 3 new records for the project, however Mothership: The Decatur Connection consists of elements from… ( ( (Aleon Craft’s Mothership Decatur mixtape) ) ), the Parliament-Funkedelic catalog and original recordings from both Aleon Craft and George Clinton.

This video includes select clips from Occupy Wall St, Iraq War, Oil Leak off the Gulf Coast, Japan's Nuclear Explosion in Fukushima, Haiti after the Earthquake, Stock Market Crash of 2008 and Gaddafi's Murder.

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