Asr ~ Asar ~ Osiris (Decoded Hieroglyphics)

Asr is the symbol of all humans. His journey is our journey. His struggle is our struggle. His reward is our reward. His victory is our victory.
Alwayz Be On Ya Square!!

Asr (Asar) is an Avatar, a Divine incarnation into T.I.M.E. & Space, the incarnation of the Higher Self, the Soul, into the realm of T.I.M.E. & Space.

Asar represents the principle of Death & Resurrection who was destroyed by evil but came back to life as Hru (Heru/Horus). To die is to be defeated by evil (Set). To resurrect is to have a "2nd" Spiritual, Mental, Pschological birth in the form of a nu consciousness called Heru.

Asar's color is sometimes represented as Green. Green is the color of the 4th innerG center, the Anahata (Heart) Chakra in Indian Kundalini Yoga philosophy. Green is the color of Nature, the relentless Life Force of vegetation. Vegetation, Nature itSelf, is Asar as it grows in countless varieties and dies only to decay and become a source of nutrition for nu vegetation. The Life Force within us is the same as that which is in vegetation (Asar). Men/Women exist in an endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in which the Life Force is engaged in an inexorable movement forward. The movement of the Force keeps the grass growing regardless of how many times it is cut. In the same manner, our Soul (Asar) will be reborn in many different times, places and forms. Each time our Soul lends itSelf to a clump of matter (body), it experiences life among the living only to someday shed it again. As the cut grass decomposes to produce food for the nu grass, so too our used uP and decayed body provides the experiences (pleasure and pain) that the soul requires in order to achieve another level of Life.

In the Creation myth, Asar is the son of Geb and Nut, who are in turn the offspring of Shu and Tefnut, who are themselves children of Ra. In another Creation myth of Asar, it is said that Asar uttered his own name, "Asar!!," and thereby brought the world and all life within it into existence. This is the process of Divine incarnation whereby the Supreme Being becomes the U*N*I*verse. 
Asar, Lord of the Perfect Black, is the personification of the blackness of the un-manifest regions of existence. Asr  is the essence of all things, and the very Soul of every human being as his/her Higher Self, who thru ignorance, has become involved in the world, has been slain by its own E.G.O (represented by the god Set), and struggles to regain its original state of perfection. 
Asr also symbolizes the fragmented ocean of consciousness which has been cut into 14 pieces by the lower self (Set).  No longer is there the vast all encompassing, all knowing, all-ceeing consciousness. The Divine has become limited in association with the human mind, body and senses, due to the desire to experience human feelings and egoistic sentiments. Instead of looking at the U*N*I*verse thru the Cosmic Mind, the Divine now expresses him/her Self thru billions of life forms whose bodies, minds and senses are too limited to cee the vastness of Creation.

(source: Muata Ashby...get his books at barnesandnoble.com)


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