KnowLedGe Wi2dom (Reflectionz)

U Like The Bridge Between A Scholar & His Und3rstandinG...
This hollywood world so pretentious
Every other girl got a perm or eXtensionz
But U don't even rarely wear lipstick
Still your BEaUty iz a Natural Mystic...

...Natural Hair iz ya Heritage
But 2 Cee it without chemicals
iz rare as the Pyramids
EyE was comin' from the gym again
bumpin' 2Pac 'nEver call U B!*ch again'
She crossed the street Melanin Glistenin'
Felt the InnerG
Sumtin' bout U so interesting
The Prototype Eve from Genesis
Ghetto Empress Nefertiti resemblance...

...She don't need no weaves or contacts
not judging other girls that got that
EyE'm just sayin' U da Truth nEver doubt that...
Cuz U got That!! ~ Dead Prez

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