Rio Thomas ~ Kario Ep ((Stream)) (@RioThomas93)

"KARIO" is an extended project produced by "Kato". KARIO is another deep travel into Rio's mind and heart, which are often conflicted. KARIO offers you, a small, yet immense opportunity to be one with Rio's subconscious. Rio uses his pen as a sword, in another attempt to eradicate his ego as he continues to ascend towards his higher self. 

Rio discusses personal problems, such as health, finances, and emotional tribulations, alongside growth, love, and future plans. Rio's bars are accompanied by Kato's luxurious melodies and revolutionary Jazz sound, mostly created on an SP. Kato's sampled based production is the perfect canvas for Rio to paint his often melancholy, yet uplifting picture. On this project, Kato provides a wide range of sound, all Jazz based, resembling smooth, classic, and progressive elements. Rio and Kato first began working around 2012, and this is their first "official' project, together. Enjoy!

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