staHHr ~ CELESTIAL (Video) (@stahhr)

Nu video for staHHr's Celestial

LYRICS: Life‘s a bitch I’m married to her grandson Driving me crazy but he so damn handsome I can’t stand him, same time I can’t blam him Monkey wrench in the mix, lights action Camera- amateur hands up stamina You should take a knee cause u damb sure can’t Stand with her Tamara Dobson awesome arson Molotov marksman sparking- Proceed with caution The only option Resurrecting black gods and- goddesses- Either you against or a part of us Part and parcel, Moored to the land Infinite- the galaxy on one grain of sand The throne you respect Better known as au set With the 14 pieces of Ausar Re connect Ready, set, go Blow the hinges off the doe When the friend becomes a foe, that’s how you really know You know nothing at all let the chips fall Phoenix out them flames Bloody bare knuckle Brawl No hook, no brakes, it ain’t safe for the fake Leaving a trail of headless carcasses in my wake Kali ma with a cutlass in the Tory Burch And I ain’t never scared, no need for me to go to church Blaspheming, what’s up to all the heathens Questioning every day what you think you believe in Faith without works is deader than a still born The Deaf dumb and blind, man I really do feel for em This shift is too real for em Ancestors, liquor spill for em Focused on the flesh cause my energy too Ill for em just a mirror, adjust the view to see it clearer If you ain’t living right, then I guess you probably fear her A walking talking body of light Sent to bring the balance, everything gone be alright That’s word on everything I love

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