Ramson Badbonez ~ Death Mask ((Album)) (@ramsonbadbonez)

There are very few Mc’s in the UK rap game as engrained into the culture as Ramson Badbonez. Rising through the ranks as one of the most cut throat MC’s London had ever seen at 14, it wasn’t long before people started to take notice of the young talent, gathering London wide respect as well as getting recognition from UK Hip Hop godfathers Task Force.

With topics ranging from the mysteries of the afterlife, the energy crisis to the lasting effects of colonialism to the failings of modern language - Badbonez has left no stone unturned. Fearlessly launching himself into the deep end, covering new ground and constructing incredibly dense prose perfectly matched by Mark Fear’s diverse yet crisp sound.  

We are introducing ‘Death Mask’ to the world via hard hitting first single ‘Sarcophagus’, a song that introduces the album’s prevalent theme of the afterlife and asks the poignant question: Why is it that we only truly appreciate rappers when the they pass? A true call to arms to all Hip Hop fans worldwide to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the music and the painstaking work that goes into it. 

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