Saviour iz one possessing the power of God and uses it to Resurrect SELF. 

KnowLedge of SELF comes from going from KnowLedge to Born in a process of Self Discovery. If yoU complete a task from start to finish (a marathon🏁 academic degree, etc.) yoU go from KnowLedge to Born, and Know that your True Self has Known how to do it and was capable of doing it All along.

#SavioURself #SelfSaviour 1~*~9 Make your kNOwLedge Born

19 vibrates to 1 (1+9=10/1). It is the alpha omega number because 1 (KnowLedge) iz the beginning and 9 (Born) iz the completion. 1 leads the 9 on a Spiritual and Artistic path. Though independent & ambitious itz power lies in the number 9 in helping and Elevating others.

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