RBG Fit Club Ep EP 21: LIVING GREEN: CAN IT ALL BE SO SIMPLE? (Build) (@afyaibomu)

LIVING GREEN: CAN IT ALL BE SO SIMPLE?   Stic of dead prez and his Wife of over 26 years, Nutritionist Afya Ibomu – welcome you to this episode of the RBG FIT CLUB Podcast! A Fresh Perspective on Healthy Living!     This episode is LIVING GREEN: CAN IT ALL BE SO SIMPLE?  

 For the main course, Stic and Afya discuss what it means to go green, some of the major challenges to going green and 4 simple solutions everyone can apply to aid the cause of sustainability, for our personal own health and fellow animal beings and our global and local environments.  Stic & Afya explore:   Eating local plant based food and why it matters to sustainability   Recycling /Composting    Reusables - Reducing our use of one time use disposables   Natural products for skin and home    and more!

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