Casual ~ Hotep Style

Listen to Casual going off to D.O.C.'s Funky Enough on a track titled "Hotep Style". Nothing but Bars.

"How ya ‘bout ta ride? U do not carry arms.
You niggas Disney, Six Flags; Knotts Berry Farms.
Might ride fa fun but you not gone do shit.
All you’ll hear’s skull crushing acoustics from my cue stick.
Thermal scope hit in the dark fa let a few spit.
The HK’ll put’em in park, for amusement.
First round lift’em up; got’em Ferris wheelin’.
Second round’ll laid’em down; now he carouseling.
U fake lord, I’m the Best Of All Times and 
The BOAT drag niggas like wakeboardin or parasailing.
In Paris sailing nefarious felon. 
Various chariots will carry us into the
Aquarius era -5
(1).…I’ve set traps, I-should ‘go-check, now’ 
Usta be backpack, 
hoes called us ‘hotep now’.
We blow whole zips cause we getting mo check now, 
African rum. Jeweled up slapping a drum. 
The dashiki match the Rolex now,
So from now on you can call that Hotep Style!, Bitch.
Ever see me chasing a bag? I got duffle dough. 
Hefty bags, I live off trees like how truffles grow.
Pull strings. Marionette. It be a puppet show. 
At cha wedding tryin’ marry Annette, I’ll let a couple go.
strait down the aisle. Suppressor with muzzle on. 
Now you can’t suppress her, or puta muzzle on
The bitch.
Aye, Don’t confuse me with them other dudes.
I still reflect light like the mirrors that Hubble used. 
Crazy Wavey. I’m on some other shit. 
You test me, I’m one particle in the Double Slit.
The results say “I gotta be deceived”,
Then it’s aquatic audio until your nautically fatigued.
Smash atoms into radio waves to see who sounds priceless.
Time’s relative; we have different now slices.
Pound for pound wisest. Witty wit sound devices.
I paint audible circles around the nicest.
Beef will have you asking where the biscuit at?….
My Butler’ll carve ya chest; Brisket Flat.
We only beefin cuz ya cuts is ass; that’s a Rump Roast.
Back in the day we would have kicked that ass; That’s a Trump Quote.
You’ll still get ya ass kicked at ya party like a drunk host. 
You on the bottom then we pickin up jewels; that’s a sunk boat!!!
I smoke Oak, Evergreens and Pinewoods
We forklift money like sheets of plywood.
Warehouse skrill. Few mill in the assets.
25 years and y’all ain’t fuckin with Cas yet!

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