Wise Intelligent ~ ROBBERS, BARONS & BANKERS (Video) (@wiseintelligent)

Robbers, Barons, and Bankers is the second visual from Wise Intelligent's "El Negro Guerrero" (Back 2 School: 3rd Period).
The track was produced by The RicanStrucktion, and is a critique of "Main Street" America's sudden protest of , and disgust with its homegrown Robbers Barons, Bankers, Politicians, Bootleggers, and Gangsters. The song addresses the hypocrisy of Main Street America occupying Wall Street and demanding better ONLY after their own jobs were taken, homes stolen and defrauded out of their pensions. While sitting, and watching for decades as America's blacks, working poor and rest of the world suffered for centuries at the hands of the same multi-national robbers, barons and bankers responsible for the creation of both Wall Street and "Main Street". For more Intelligent Muzik hit up http://www.wiseintelligent.com
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