KALIK SCIENTIFIC ~ WE MADE IT (freemix) (@Kalikscientific)


i'm from a door in the sun of mansion/ you aint been in/ we understand the tricks you weave but aint winning/ you want the real truth then ask the tru-n-livin/ this aint no gang, no cult or no religion/ or Facebook group the fakes and snakes sit in/ fox news see the hate in your grin and i studied the stars and made the prediction/ real medicine here take your prescription/ standing on top of the bell at mount morris/ the new found horus/ my new crowns gorgeous/ father and son no earth when the water broke/ out the triple darkness I shine wit a thought of hope/ i'm more awoke than the head of a moorish pope/ my coat of arms is the soul of islam/ yes sir my rhymes are bond and bond is life/ you fools actin like you aint never heard a God on the mic/ uh 7 shots won't abolish the light/ i see your poison so clear like a bottle of sprite/ bobble head audience always nodding alike/ despite the years of study you haven't gotten it right/ knowledge day what lesson do i gotta recite/ well, who's the original man the new lyrical, true pinnacle mc that prove miracles/ every 25,000 renew biblical/ and whats true for me for you's mythical/ the legend of god in mecca the rod/ with magnetic/ i hop on the track so athletic/ tired of these rappers in skirts wit ass wetted/ move into the future and leave the past deaded/ invested 5% of my light as past credit/ 16 rays light the path that i'm headed/ 85 couldn't understand the math when i said it/ uh we made it ....out the matrix/ yea we made it i mean the whole universe owner, cream of the planet, god dammit/ the light of the world's in your midst you can't stand it/ universal flags in the sky so don't panic/ sun, moon, star above can't ban it/ and no flag poles higher so don't plant it/ universal shamgauud's ceiling was the canvas/ allah school now the worlds streets are the campus/ i came suddenly like Fard and then vanished/ we came to heal wounds of this world with no bandage/ i resurrect out of the flames with no damage/ thank the 10% for the false news coverage/ thank you Jay-z for the chain in the public/ whatever the intention the plans to be discovered/ to justify their plans of attack its uncovered/ telepath read every thought thats unmuttered/ last supper we broke bread thats unbuttered/ this time we gone stunt on non believers/ the new 5% the righteous rich teachers/ that pass on God Hop jewels through gold speakers/ i'm so eager my mic glows ether/ singing the enlightener praise to the teachers/ we stand for the truth so its logical you gotta tell lies to defeat us/ designed to deceive us/ for the queens i'm gone shine when you need us....now the families a threat of the state/ and we the solar vanguard beast head on a plate/ the legend the great i study how the lessons relate/ there's many lives we can help there's not a second to wait/ but you don't care about em so it makes us a threat to the plans of the devious but did they forget/ the sword is still hanging 4 heads i still take em/ amazing the universal laws still reining/ while million dollar tuxedos are still caveman/ ok then the gods we go out wit guns blazing/ the all eye seeing watches big brother through the suns gaze we showed our true colors/ the black and the gold we're the new world wonders/ so go find a god to build wit this summer/ you need thought food for the mind for the hunger/ we been here to elevate the blind from the gutter/ Unite humanity i'm gone shine for my brothers/ loved to the earths the pains mine when you suffer/ for the youngsters thinking they shine has no lustre/ hot seat speak every line and don't studder/ the people couldn't be more blind and more dumber/ while most of y'all eyes windows are closed shutters/ k-sci build me a shrine like no other/ you caught in the clouds of deception no thunder/ thunder thundercats hoe's in they slumber/ awake to the earth within the globes mothers/ praise to the father's light is pure vivid/ NOI, MST you can't split it/ life's test is multiple choice its no limit/ so I circled 7, moon, star you get it add 8 points my flag has yours in it/ kill the physical then we'll spar in the spirit/ i'm a miracle why it's hard to admit it/ if you the farrakhan i'm Allah with the lyrics
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