Nitty Scott, MC ~ The Art Of Chill ((Mixtape)) (@NittyScottMC)

New music from Nitty Scott, MC. Features include Ab-Soul, Eliki, Sene, Rob Regis, Rapper Big Pooh, Sam B. and Stacy Barthe. Beats by Yuri Beats, Ski Beatz, Chuck Strangers, Ty Real and Bigg Dre.

01. Wanderlust Intro
02. Generation Now (Psychedelic Little Buddha)
03. Apex (feat. Ab-Soul)
04. Feng Shui (feat. Eliki)
05. Princess Celestia Interlude
06. Lily Of The Valley (feat. Sene)
07. Gone Girl
08. The Unlearning
09. Knowbody Knows
10. U.F.O. (Unfiltered Offering)
11. Pyrexxx Pink (feat. Rob Regis)
12. Return to Indigo Interlude
13. Little Sister (feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Sam B.)
14. Still I Rise (feat. Stacy Barthe)
15. Afterglow Outro

Nitty Scott, MC – The Art Of Chill

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