staHHr ~ Get Right (Prod. by Astronote) (Video) (@staHHr)

Official Music Video for staHHr's single, "Get Right" off the Mother Nature With a Molotov: Molotov Season LP.
The world on my shoulders-mama can't afford to drop it
Worshipped in all of her glory since before the Christian coptics
like Asherah- El's consort:taking no shorts
Fertile crescent like Hathor-on the path moor
Natty Congo-Sweeter than a mango
or carambola-moor megahertz than motorola
Free Alkebulan-frantz fanon menon
escaping Babylon-with a one way ticket
got the 1,2 and 3 you ain't gotta pay to kick it
like football-black stars taking the world cup
waking the world up-keepin it thoro- what
stahhr and astro-its catastro
moor currents activating moor cashflow
moor love- get exactly what you ask foe
moor light-mega watts-let it blast-yo
moor peace- to the east let's dash oh

Feel this healing stop concealing truth we building for the children mamas babies daddies-raise the bar and save we growing daily

reconnected chi six degrees with the data
put your pieces back together ressurection after scatter
take the best of we, then add it to the batter
feel it in yo dark matter-3 steps on the ladder
Ingest and see these thoughts like telepathy
universal weaponry-pass on the dogma
Meskhenets portal- giving birth to my karma
Yes, comma-cosmic bliss ama
Eat, sleep, breathe, shine light
That's the armor
the foundation-peep the demonstration
its time, no moor waiting- activation
higher than peaks of mount kilamanjaro
good like some groundnut stew, spinach, akaro
I meant akara/twinkle little starrah
I get it from my Umi and abi -mother/father
first step is love- you missing that, then don't bother


the first on the planet-command respect like taitu
get a taste of the mic fu reignite you
sipping on bamboo tea/my aura light blue
rocking with the 7 elohs I got a right to
express the trust-raise my daughters from the dust
give my sons they land back-wherever they stand at
is home-head high feather to the dome
attacking the clones wit the vibration of aummm
getting guap with the virtues of maat
balancing the books challenging the crooks
out they jurisdiction-no respect for the law
so it's time to introduce em to the flying lioness paw
summer solstice opus all I write is dulces
sweeter than mimosas-triumph cause I'm saposta
the flyest mariposa-colorful wings
self determination- a wonderful thing

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