Jermiside & Danny Diggs ~ Deep Rivers (Fannie Lou Hamer Tribute) (@Jermiside x @DannyDiggs)

Originally recorded during the Quiet As Kept sessions, Jermiside & Danny Diggs unleash this tribute to civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer in suppor of Womens History Month.
“This track was originally recorded during the “Quiet As Kept” sessions but it didn’t quite fit with the theme of the album, so we put it in our pocket and saved it for later. I figured since it’s now Women’s History Month it was an appropriate time to let the people hear it. The song was inspired by a tweet from Brother Ali about civil/voting rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, whom I had never heard of at the time. It prompted me to do some research and a song & voilà. HAPPY WOMENS HISTORY MONTH” – Jermside

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