SA-ROC ft. Methuzulah ~ MUUR [Produced by: Sol Messiah] (@sarocthemc) #GodHop

New SA-ROC!!

Watch me. Box these bars like ali spar, rope a dope with a quote from M garvey, hard. Choreograph the math to a live heat rock. Then I'll dance on its grave till my bare feet raw. Im Toltec wise with a dose of high grade street smarts. My flow tech nine and the holster clipped to hips-sweet spots. I throw textiles on start trends with silk trims and boot fringe thirst make men try and get sips from my gold tea pot. Nope. Look in my eyes and fall deep into my psyche, I will telepathically massacre every line before you write it. Take you in darkness and I'll douse your flame before you light it cuz you and your kind aint worth the air you breathing-swear to gaia. I'm part maroon, part quilombo in my bloodline. Rebel with every treble clef and murder every punchline. I'm no slave to rhythm but I'll two step on your straight spine. Paralyze you- let the music reset your debased mind.

You ain't really seen the truth til you closed your eyes. You ain't never heard that bang til you switched that dial. Cuz we don't play on hot, kiss or v right now. We on that space time travel frequency right now. every word I speak is third eye deep. And when I spit the scripture the earth shift that how absurd I be. I'll rip a hole in the system between Uranus and Pluto and put my best tunes where Neptune once turned ahki. We run with nat turners that clap burners for trayvon and sean bell. with glyphs etched on them spent shells, we seal fates with steel weight and still waiting for some justice for the mama of emmitt till. This thing is real. You pray to god and hope that things will change for you. I created gods with my fallopians and strained for you. This black Madonna rap immaculate. No stains on it. And it aint rocking til they stamp my blessed name on it.

See the difference between me and these payrolled mcs is that they paid to entertain and I'm pained to hear their fee. Cuz everyday im not releasing music their actions are taxing me. The bigger they get the faster the masses fall action of gravity. So I master the art of diction and hack into your amygdala tackle the back of your fears and then pick them apart like language decrypted and spit em back word for word like your thoughts were actually scripted. Affect of the naturally gifted. im frances cress with a little bit of Sonia, homegirls with hand grenades on post at every corner. You don't wanna make me pull my pen out of the donut. Cuz you gon feel that burn before you inhale the aroma. imma take 5 and finish this 16, grab some 7s for a build while you finish your fifteen, cuz you can't walk a mile in my 5411s(mint green). im forming ciphers round the perimeter 360. 

~ Sa-Roc

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