M1 of Dead Prez & Celia of Les Nubians ~ I Don't Camouflage Theme Song (Video) (@LesNubians @M1deadprez)

"Brand new music video of our theme song "I Don't Camouflage", starring M1 of Dead Prez, Celia of Les Nubians and sax player Ezra Brown. The video was shot at the #idontcamouflage event we had on Aug. 22. 2013 at FREECANDY, sponsored by Mocada Museum, as part of Soul of BK 2013 Series.

The purpose of the event, in addition to the video shoot, was to bring people together and celebrate the meaning of "I Don't Camouflage", which is; be who you are, don't blend in and dare to stick out. We created a dress code "patterned prints" and a photo booth with camouflage backdrop because we wanted to add a fun visual twist to the "I Don't Camouflage" statement.
The other purpose was to have people enjoy the intimate performances of the artists who have been involved with the "I Don't Camouflage" movement
We can't thank enough to the artists who came through and performed just to show love. Thank you."

For more info visit www.idontcamouflage.com
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