Mykestro ft. Kendrick Lamar ~ Set Precedent (LA Mix - Prod. By Georgia Anne Muldrow)

Buy It Digitally + Limited Gold Vinyl 12" 

We back again to share with y’all somebody awesome who invigorates the definition of “keeping it west” with an impeccable flow, and a comprehensive usage of context stacked with every literary device ever invented.
His name is Mykestro, and his rhymes come together -something like a superglued jenga set.
If the term M.C. could stand for Meticulous Captivator and Methodical Compositor in addition to the time tested moniker of Master of Ceremony, Mykestro is indisputably overqualified. Teaming up with with rap phenom Kendrick Lamar (the T.D.E. prodigy who is making waves on an astonishing level in the rap game), he shows that he can hold his own in the midst of luminary talent without even breaking a sweat.
Georgia Anne Muldrow is on the boards. And if y’all ain’t familiar with her Geemix works, the Set Precedent E.P. is perfect for getting acquainted with what this one woman band can accomplish from scratch.Press play, hear the proof, and recognize that the West Coast Sound is here to stay…

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