SA-ROC ~ "THE TOWER" (@sarocthemc) #GodHop

New Sa-Roc!!

LYRICS: Listen everything happen for a reason. Seeds born, elders die, all things in season. these days I’m just tryna get in where I squeeze in, scratch that, I bust the game open til its bleeding. That’s that dedan kimathi, maumau posse, guerrilla warfare, no man will ever stop me. Cuz I run with tall black skinned annunaki, w/4 pounds of silver plated chrome in they pockets.but most days I am non violent. Just don’t cut my wiz and I’ll remain silent. and when I speak my truth weighs a ton, the scales tip as bricks of gold fall off my tongue. Your bars become stiff and cold as you succumb to the spit I hold between my molars for fun. Yeah In all fairness I get it from my daddy. Mlk baby, raised up on the ave. offspring of ghetto life, crumbling brick and tragedy. they say that we have it good, I say that they imagining. I came from ward 8, where soldiers stayed in war state, anger seethed thru jagged teeth cuz they couldn’t get a warm plate. i made it out with a number 2 and a clean slate. A dirty conscious haunts me when I shouldn’t even be awake. Cuz I was born in the 80s just like my friends was, but now im getting texts about deaths from a overdose. And not that he was my closest friend but I hold him close. he lived across the street in apartment b where they sold the dope. And yes im going on a tangent, my mind is running rampant and writing is the only way ill handle it. The booth is like my cell therapy, ask goodie. My words like food for the soul, let go of the past with em. and past cathartic, this is life saving for me. 14 yrs old slicing arms when life gave up on me. But I had krs and de la soul and brand nu, to say that hiphop showed me god is nothing short of purest truth. And sure I do this to prove a point to my critics. lyrics like fired bullets they seeking targets to finish. My limits have been crossed. now ive made it my business. To personally massacre these rappers who package shit with a ribbon. present it to children who don’t know how to tell the difference, between a lie and authentic, or being alive and just living. Im here to tell you my vision, with imax precision. My story line is still building the climax impending. But I am the protagonist, bet I’ll come out winning. The top is long way from my start at humble beginnings. finna get it like a champion, going after the pennant. Like Moorish pirates im siphoning rare gold off of your pendant. swinging the pendulum trying send it back to the middle. When it settle I’m telling you, ill have mastered the riddim.
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