SA-ROC ~ HOLY EL (Video) (@sarocthemc) #GodHop

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LYRICS: Mirror mirror, tell me who the flyest in the land? With a spear and a bag of magic inside her hands. soothsayers, preachers and the oracles had seen the plan. And roc was on the blueprint, now tell me how you challenge that. been styling on em since apache dropped from sugar hill. I'm medical grade and your rhymes is like a sugar pill. Sugar chill, it don't have to be a battle shouldn't well, if you talking reckless imma show you how my trigger feel. spit like a uzi squeal, shells from my jewels will turn some sheep into a terror cell. Pipe bombs from fairy tales. Radicals from heavens gate will give the churches holy hell. bow before the holy el. Ill be draped in holy veils, gold around my halo while they hate on how I'm cold as hell. tell me how you really feel. Say with your chest you can find me writing rhymes with dalai lamas at the rest.

Mirror mirror, tell me who the dopest on the mic? The five footer redbone raised in congress heights. That's southside cross the river where them monsters bite. where street code turn the good to bad and wrongs to right. I seen things that most folks never could come back from. but I had to suck it up call me dyson-vacuum. That was before i knew I was divine-call it act one. Now they ask you who the god and you say there-the black one. Back when rap was in the park, I was in the ethers. Plotting my entrance in the game, tuning up my speakers, cleaning up my sneakers, twisting up my locs to take my place in front the bleachers. See I'm the first draft pick and this my winning season. when it's feasible ill take you as apprentice young believer. but unreasonable to think you'll make the finish underachiever. This race is for the veterans, u can find me painting S-a-roc in henna with the Bedouins.
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