Oddisee ~ The Beauty In All ((Instrumentals)) (@ODDISEE)

Oddisee releases his new instrumental album “The Beauty In All” today. The 12 track audible journey, rich in texture, is the perfect laid back record to put on for a drive, an afternoon off, or some time alone with someone close. With it comes
an intensely personal new mixtape of material produced by & featuring Oddisee titled “Tangible Dream.” Combined The Beauty In All and Tangible Dream is the perhaps the most potent one-two musical combination of 2013. This revealing mixtape offers a glimpse into Oddisee’s current world view. Tangible Dream is a mix-tape dedicated to the deconstruction of our traditional ideas of success that sheds light on the possibility of a sustainable rap life. Let the music play as you go about your day.
The mixtape comes as a free download with the CD and Vinyl, as well as with digital purchases on bandcamp. Anyone who picks up the album though (itunes, Amazon, emusic, etc…) can get a free download by screenshoting their purchase and emailing us at info@mellomusicgroup.com
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