More God Hop! !

Listen I know why the caged bird sings those first notes, they’re like freedom in a place with no hope, so she emotes, and words become revolution, black berets and combats, you cut me imma bomb back and keep it within context. Do I offend you with my life in 16s, is my black survival an affront to your sensibilities? so you replaced the cotton fields with effing poplar trees, and think I’m gon forget that there’s still blood amongst the leaves? Nah! I’ll air my grievances, til whispers become screams. cuz glass from your broken ceilings made pipes for dope fiends. And don’t tell me I don’t know cuz I’ve inhaled your smokescreens, seem like everybody’s folks was doing their best at coping. and you mad at us, huh? I know we walk like god, and talk like god. But u don’t wanna believe it so you mock my god, co opt that cross and watch us fall. but watch that’s all it takes is one word, and sovereignty is born behind steel bars. the bird is singing for her life, cuz her flight has been deterred. And once the world hear it, she fearless and that’s my word.
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