Knxwledge. ~ Touching Bass ((Mix)) (@Knxwledge)

Knxwledge is a collage creator. A sample master whose beats sound like someone artfully flicking through a mixture of Sky Movie channel soundbites, YouTube videos and jazz breakdowns. The New Jersey native now lives out in Hollywood right in the epicentre of the West coast beat scene that classes the likes Brainfeeder as contemporaries. Amoeba Records is down the road.

Chuck Strangers from Pro Era is practically his neighbour. The Alchemist pops in and out of the area to nab vinyls. It's an environment that Knx has feasted upon to the point where he's 15TB deep in hip-hop tinged instrumentals and a 12" catalogue that reaches into the thousands. But before scooping a half hour of exclusives and archive beats in this week's mix, we found out what Knx likes to put on his feet, his OCD tendencies and underrated rap groups.
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