KALIK SCIENTIFIC ~ SUNCONTROLLABLE (Kendrick Lamar Freesponse to the responses) (@Kalikscientific)

uncontrollable sun of man bright the lord glows for you
You HIP graduate to a GOD its long overdue
Hip Hop is a program/ a code plan/ Can't be as powerful divided again as both coasts can/ 

just young kids that never matured explains most man/ why claim an area we don't use in deaths homeland/ security decreasing while rappers make wet slow jams/ wit no land to plant our own seeds just red coke cans/ ingredients we couldn't pronounce a fake patrolman/ a murder that don't even exist and race foe plans/ militias on ya babies doorstep a deaf spokesman/ and players that refuse to be coached become broke man/ the globe is pans labyrinth you out of control/ leave it all behind cuz you can't get out of it whole/ DJ's in fed airplanes get found in a hole/ for chemtrails in the airwaves that clouded our soul/ you aint free you're just on out parole shockra ya spinal cord/ and satan has been patient with y'all i handed time a sword/ songs in the key of life Ka I sang the final chord/ grim reaper scorpio rise my skin features blend ether once we hit rock bottom it gets deeper/ 2 yrs olds on prozac face nod in they own lap/ wit tight jeans and 80's hair cuts and gay throwbacks/ from moors navigating the world to make globe maps/ ny's frozen edwards snowed in your iPhones tapped/ the levees bout break on us all and flood roads trapped/ and verses dissing kendrick lamar just won't control that/ i throw smacks at ego's cut trees down with no axe/ a candle flame with no wax that burns in thin air/ take ya dresses off cuz you had to learn to be scared/ i'm the greatest scribe haters deny i shine wonderfully/ patient wives fans that describe my lines loving me/ sci autonomous took you yugas to climb under me/ spirit of an indigenous alien climbing upwardly/ my sharp lyrics pierce through ya thoughts like mind cutlery/ the wise governs me i drop gems my rhymes luxury/ tubman harriet porn russle you can't hustle me/ its the inauguration of love from blood royalty/ police hunt my brothers blue code a thugs loyalty/ the underground developed from roots we're now tall as trees/

poverty's an option like food stupid its all for free/
in nature but you rob for the cash to eat a number 3/ while i was solar gazing so much don't need the sun to see/ and touch books and know what they mean thats just a summary/ kalik holy spirit of God there's no other me/ thats what it be/ i send the boule a singing telegram by drake wit a fake toupee and spray pepper cans/ concealed inside a fake bouquet just say method man/

kaboom threw kalik masks on em all while they all slept and ran/ aura made me invisible few had energetic scans couldn't stop the phoenix i slide wit 8 exit plans/ 8 helicopters outside 8 lex sedans/ that transform to hologram ships that's shaped hexagram/ bandwagon jumpers can stay i'll gain extra fans on galaxies you never heard of from late western man/ it's me Kazmophyzic mc i'm fames weatherman/ the gemini pillars the frame on which heaven stands/ the grass always greener whenever its laid next to sand/ tropic beach/ aquamarine trees in a fonta leaf/ crystal quartz mystical thoughts to keep my conscious deep/ born in the heart of new york from out a comet leaped/ to new jerz and even with snow I felt the constant heat/ there's goes another bomb this week/ blamed on an islamic grief/ our planet is a war zone now but still we're promised peace/ while y'all was spending money on cars my skilled quantum leaped/ if hip hop is based on competitive its a sedative/ divide and conquer rather unite and kill goliath monsters/ corporate metamorphosis walking inside the eye of brahma/ sent to climb a mountain success and found fire lava/ another one fed to the beast just like sayonara/ children blasting off at each other this what y'all writers sponsor/ i rhyme smarter my life is a messiahs karma/ music gave me spiritual dollars some make their pockets rich/ until they hear ferocious mc's that cause they stocks to dip/ hip hops a crashed airplane God Hop's the rocket ship/ merkaba obelisk/ for impoverished ghetto optimists/ new yorks king? then stop all our people from being stopped and frisked/ heal the populous from the demons that steal the continents/ who's kendricks/ i know hendrix/ i break 10 bricks/ with one word that make your mind freeze and lose senses/ the khemist from ancient memphis/ flows tremendous/ too many old head mentors wit no apprentice/ while young fools are looking through eyes with broke lenses/ trapped in an invisible jail with no fences

no guards, plus no bars in each sentence/ but still serving em/ like horse meat inside burger buns/ but millions lined up for a taste y'all heard the urban drums/ warriors that come off the bricks like old graffiti paint/ righteous visions manifest here allah's genie saint/ shamanic sciatomic/fiber optic rap freedom bank/ some ego's needs restraint/ you inspired and prolly need to thank the one that you dissing/ but this is nuclear fission/

evolution follows me while you following the tradition/ i swallow your whole dimension/ i got verses all your albums could fit in a couple sentences/ you temporal my endless gift/ mansion with many rooms consumed by vast entrances/ but which one escapes from the world before the ships come/ the rapture 144,000 rappers to pick from/ on god hop confederate crafts this how it gets done/ i put a magic spell in each verse seduce the kick drum/ amongst the poor righteous teachers i became the rich one/ cuz true kings don't sit on a throne each day they live one/ i'm sent to score through any defense / its the ascension floor headed down the run way/ leaving from you attention whores/ willing to say anything wishing that you was mentioned more/ I do it for the love of the people keeps my intention pure/ … why battle rappers that sick that i was sent to cure/ you just entered war and i'm throwing you a lifeline/ who wants to be a millionaire by losing all their brilliant glare/ and i'm the holy spirit with angels inside a mic shrine/ this aint a battle i aint dissing control/ Just a fishers opportunity to fish for your soul/ so i throw lines i hope touched him/ till joe butts in/ papoose he let some facts loose/ there's no crutch when/ your stomped by a joellephant/ caught in a fiasco/ crashed by cassidy/ but lyrics who in a class wit me/ kendrick hit the game on its knee reflex atrophy/ until you get a kick from the last i'm raps majesty/ torture and agony so never compare/ me to anyone before for even legends are scared/ i started at their apex men from heaven are rare/ and now nas in commercials promoting a poison liquor name/ 5% flag now popular known as jiggaz chain/ attach illuminati reference confused different names/ the truth's we're the nobility lyrically no ability artists i beg your pardon i rip em from out the picture frame/ so i aint feeling it/ zion this where the real exist/ your relevant cuz media silences those who really spit/

those who benefit the next plan to keep the people sick/ wit secretive unholy ideas that made the needle skip/ poison vaccination spilled out with mass leakages/ infect the population with wack shit on they station/ most DJ's should have their heads took by deep space men/ i write for real lyricists and you don't compare/ late night writing their hearts out when nobody cared/in this faggot rap habitat/ looking at how the savage act/

the present most aint gifted at all just more plastic wrap/
a free man/ dark He-man no need to battle cats/ open toed rappers that broke the code get overthrown/ lyrics is overblown while i sit on a solar throne/ you standing where the army puts microchips in their soldiers bones/ that snap when a trigger words said sudden like provolone/ hollow points spread loaves guns inside a bread stove/ and never make the same ol mistakes that all the dead chose/ the rest dozed/ while i was awake i'm blessed with the light/ but somethings getting ate i say grace before i lift the mic/ this is not a dis track nah so dismiss that/ now journalisms high school gossip and girl chit chat/ i walk around with bombs in my mouth as if my lips chapped/ i'm living math hovership stunted em with my wizard craft/ distant wrath my nebulae's fly i take wisdom bath's/ walk a magicians path/ i use a different cash/ i say my love is money/ but all you love is money/ spiritually i'm way beyond most i made the system crash/ most spit for zombies take a look at your fans/ my flow you couldn't touch with my rhyme book in your hands/ go and tell the class i'm too far ahead cuz i'm a telepath/ kalik scientific allah the kings dead at last/ what's a king to the GOD my rhymes ever last/ telecast wanna compete then make your own game/ write till my fingers is numb just like cocaine/ uh and this a pro's lane pen contains propane my words match so well when i strike ignite gold flames/ phoenix emperor i was crowned the whole globe came/ mc's from the hollow earth repped a strange domain/ and rappers mentioned just apparitions its just ghost fame/ cuz everybody clapping is dead skulls with no brains/ but don't blame the puppets go up and smack who the rope hangs/ my infantry was sent to bring rap from out its infancy/ and took the devil off of our world before instantly/ isn't he in the #1 spot I claim infamy/
i'm pissing on the industry this is just an epiphany/

and this is just a warm up not even the exercise/ GMO rappers don't spit they spray pesticides/ i push pests aside bless up the seven i/ could tell y'all don't know where to go you bout to rest and cry/ take pens from fakes that all profess to be scribes/ especially wise so recognize the message y'all hide/ is now eating you from inside out so what's the underground/
my verse made a sink hole quakes the great ultrasound/

tired of them tracks that give us the same the runaround/ new york i'm the lord of all words i need a another crown/ babylon's falling all fakes will fail with it/ i'm a kundalini naga you snakes with long digits/ drop my album right before the full moon the storms wicked/ quick witted and not only I finished it I'm beginning it/ the next chapter holy elite god hop membership/ a menace to the phantom no censorship this the end of it/ pandoras box open hopped out inside my penman-ship/ awards are an illusion that comes with false benefits/ you getting paid to keep the truth down you best surrender quick/ tried to blend oil and water like it was meant to mix/ soon we'll ail be in the spot that we was meant to get/ battle your own ego and master it gets lethal/ amigos in puerto rico they say my passion is this regal/ collapsing your bricks leave you/ so fasten your seat peaceful and meditate on these lyrics i send from out my pineal/ no time to fumble now/ you betta humble now/ Liono lion from space you in my jungle now/ and i don't spit i roar/ can't forget the raw/ hermetic magic animals same men with different claws/ i study different laws/ priest for the streets who/ ignore the fake unity haters could mislead you/ awake beautifully disconnect from the deceitful cuz Getting Over Division Heals Our People!
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