Kalik Scientific ~ JOURNEY TO UNKNOWN ((Album)) (@Kalikscientific)

Journey To Unknown is the the first in a coming series of God Hop Cinemusical tales of the Legend of the Phoenix King which follows the mystical character on a musical mission to uplift fallen humanity. 
In Journey To Unknown the main character played by Kalik is transported through a portal to the Land of Tomorrow aka Unknown by a giant owl where he meets and unites with the Mysterious Phoenix King to save earth from the cold cruel hands of Chronos who has enslaved the consciousness of humanity with the power of time. Kalik is sent on a mission to destroy the clock of Chronos, save the children and create 15 songs to attune the world to the 5th dimension by the Phoenix King who he later discovers to be the embodiment of his higher self. 
This God Hop Cinemusical is nothing short of a potent spiritual medicine packaged in a captivating sound movie told through music that can only be seen on the screen of your imagination.
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